Jamie Thomas – The Karman Cube

Initial Thoughts

This body of research has been successful in supporting the development of the practical work, and has raised some issues for continued research in the field of intangible HCI. Researching established works promoted more in-depth theoretical thinking about interaction as a medium, and the importance of interaction within our world. This has grounded the basis for the project an has led to a number of artistic decisions about the project. The importance of transparency within the system, so that immersion in the task at hand can be achieved will aid in the design and implementation of the project as a whole.

The initial developments with the technology hindered the projects goals, but now that a successful framework for tracking has been implemented the project can now build upon the previous demonstrations with confidence. The goals for continued practical application are;

  • Further research and development into the compositional nature of the tool.
  • Implementing an embodied creative visual aspect.
  • Exploration into immersion using surround sound.

The development of theoretical understanding within the project will drive new questions in relation to human computer interaction. Further research into this will hopefully answer a few questions in relation to Heidegger’s text which have been problematic when discussing new technology. For example the role of learning a tool is unclear, yet this initial intuitive interaction seems important in shaping the way a user feels about and uses a tool. The intangibility of the experience also seems to effect the interaction that occurs, blurring the line between Ready-to-hand and Present-at-hand. As an ongoing research project these notions will be addressed throughout the continuation of this applied exploration.

Further research will need to be conducted with regards to applying the project commercially, harnessing arts grants and other possible avenues. This could lead to the creation of prototype demonstrations and workshops which will aid in the research and development of the project. The main objective from here is to get more people testing and using this interaction software within application, this way important user feedback can be accumulated and addressed in further development.

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