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Market Research – 2

This section relates to furthered market research and in-depth analysis of related events and festivals for exploitation in the near future. Due to the nature of the project there are a few different opportunities for each with regards to live performance, installation and workshop coordination.

U.K Sonic Arts Festivals:

Ocean Pixel – Southampton Digital Arts Festival

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Ocean Pixel are a southampton based multimedia group who run the Southampton Digital Arts Festival. They are currently calling for submissions for the festival, encompassing many different media platforms and distribution models. Information regarding the festival is limited, and further research is needed in order to get a fuller representation of the organization and their plans for the festival. A proposal is currently being written for the inclusion of The Karman Cube in the festival.


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onedotzero_adventures in motion is acclaimed by artists, audiences and creative industry alike for being the world leader in audio-visual arts and entertainments at the forefront of a new experiential festival experience which combines music, film, play, live performance, interactivity, digital arts and culture.

The onedotzero adventures in motion tour is currently calling for submissions for interactive content. A proposal has been submitted for the international tour in a hope that the project could gain a global audience and recognition. Here is what the festival say:

installation: expanding out from the cinema, into the art gallery and beyond, to expose cutting-edge urban interventions, compelling interactive experiences and engaging audio-visual installation. both existing work and proposals for new projects will be considered. consider the technical delivery in your ideas.


Picture 1

Future Sonic is a 3 day festival that celebrates art, music and ideas. It is held in Manchester yearly and features world premiers of exclusive new works.

“The festival has four strands – Art, Music, Ideas and EVNTS – and occupies the orbits of art, performance, music, design and digital culture.”

The EVNTS strand of the festival is of particular interest:

EVNTS is a ‘wiki-festival’ which throws open the doors of the festival to new and innovative event organisers and artist groups.

This could provide an opportunity for the switch collective to host a high profile Dialogue event within the festival, lending from the curatorial skills acquired from hosting the monthly event in Bristol. This would be beneficial to the project in many ways as it is publicized through the group.

Lovebytes Digital Art

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Lovebytes is a sheffield based arts organization that explores and promotes the creative potential of digital technologies. They run a festival each year with different  themes ranging from free art to process. They are in their current year out, but plan to return next year and this could provide a good platform to exhibit the Karman cube.

AV Festival

Picture 7

AV Festival is an international festival of electronic arts featuring visual art, music and moving image. A biennial event, the festival takes place in the urban centres of Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Middlesbrough in the North East of England.

The next event is in March 2010 and is based around the theme of energy, This could provide an interesting concept to develop the project from, discussing the kenetic energy  used in non-tactile interaction.

International Festivals:


Picture 4

Sonar is a music and digital art festival held in the heart of the city of Barcelona for three days every June.

Sonar is predominantly a live electronic music festival, so the formation of a live improvising ensemble that uses the Karman Cube as an audio-visual performance could provide access to the festival. Sonarmatica is a branch of the festival that hosts an exhibition space  that would also be suitable for the project as an installation.


Picture 3

Over 100 performers, panelists, and workshop leaders will be joining us for five days of discovery and dedication within the electronic arts.

Mutek is a held in Montreal, Canada, and hosts a varied program of events over a number of venues. The Digi_section of the festival presents workshops by some of the the leading software developers and practitioners. This section of the festival could provide the opportunity to  showcase the project as well as running a workshop around free improvisation with the software.

Ars Electronica

Picture 9

Led, curated and produced by artists and scientists—and inspired by their work—the festival’s jam-packed lineup of fascinating events constitutes, as ever, an expedition into hybrid reality and the future of our world.

Ars Electronica is an organization based in Austria, that host a festival that celebrates art, technology and culture and is centered around the Ars Electronica Center and FutureLab. Further research is needed on the application process for this event.

ISEA Symposium

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ISEA is the International Symposium on Electronic Art and is held biannually at different locations around the world. This years ISEA is being held in Northern Ireland and they are currently calling for papers and workshops for the event. The submission requirements can be found here.

If there are anymore festivals that could be suitable to the project that are not mentioned above, please let me know about them in the comments section and ill present them in this document.

Other opportunities:

BBC Bigscreen – Millennium Square

The BBC Bigscreen is part of the BBC’s initiative to bring worldwide news coverage to the city center, whereby it is presented on a large outdoor LCD Screen. Last years Red nose day in Bristol hosted an interactive game on the screen using camera tracking technology, whereby the audience were asked to work together to move a big red ball. Discussions with the BBC about using the screen over a Bristol festival are currently underway, in a hope of demonstrating the work to the large number of people that will attend the festival.

Bristol Festival – Switch Tent

Bristol festival is a volunteer run event that showcases some of the cities up and coming artists and musicians. Discussions with the festival organizers have formed around contacts made through the Dialogue event in a hope that a switch/dialogue tent could be set up to showcase the current work of the collective.

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