Jamie Thomas – The Karman Cube

Market Research – 1

This page outlines and discusses the possible market and application of the project giving examples of potential commercial revenues through partnership and funding authorities.

The sound toy market is a fast developing market for exploration, and as computer musicians search for more intuitive ways of using their existing DAW’s, developing third party plug-ins could provide some immediate revenue for the project. There are many existing tools on the market for intangible control of audio, but these mostly require complicated and expensive hardware, and do not make use of the technology that is already embedded in most modern computers. The simple web camera that has become a standard feature in laptop computing has yet to be harnessed for use within these systems, leaving a gap in the market for exploitation of a commercially distributed software product that does.

The announcement of ‘Max for Live’, a joint venture between Ableton and Cycling 74’ to implement Max/MSP programing capabilities within the Ableton Live DAW, may have opened up an opportunity for a potential partnership within the company. This could reside in the development of a set of interfaces that work within the Ableton factory content library. More research must be conducted however, closer to the release date of the application.


The zCam by 3DV features infra-red transmitters around the central camera, and is set to be released later this year.

Within an installation setting partnering with a camera developer could also provide financial support towards the project. This would offer the project support, whilst advertising the companies brand and product. 3DV systems and the zCam are of particular interest, due to the company relatively small profile and their desire to compete with the likes of Nintedo. An e-mail was sent to them expressing an interest in their technology for a creative project, but a response has not yet been received.

Possible funding could be applicable to the project from many sectors, The EU’s support program MEDIA are calling for submissions for the support in the development of on and offline interactive works, this could be very suitable to the project as it fits the criteria very well.

The Arts Council England/Wales and the National Lottery grant could prove to become an accessible route through setting up workshops and seminars that engage communities and schools in the creation of music using interactive software. This enabling a wider range of musicians and non-musicians alike to be involved in the process of creating content through interactive systems. More research must also be conducted into this area.

Research labs such as Steim and MIT are also of interest in furthering the research potential of intangible HCI, as this is still a very new topic for discussion due to the recent advances in technology.

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