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This section describes how the formation of a research and dissemination event has been beneficial in supporting and driving the project forward, whilst also helping to co-brand and advertise the work through public exhibition.

Dialogue is an event that showcases current work produced by the Switch collective and other invited artists in order to disseminate and create discussion around some of the current research undertaken by the group.  The night takes a cross platform approach where interactive content sits beside live performance and audio-visual screen based work, thus creating a dialogue between these practices, unifying the current themes being explored within the Switch collective.


Dialogue is a monthly event that is hosted at The Attic in Stokes Croft, Bristol. This renowned venue is tailored to the unique requirements of the event, using multiple projection screens and sound systems to create many separate pools of activity. This provides the audience with vast amounts of visual and audible content from all areas of the building whilst also allowing each piece a considered space within the context of the event.

Dialogue is a networking event and is focused on creating relations with industry practitioners and organizations through public exhibition of work. Current affiliations include Future Music Lab research and Coexist at Hamilton House, whilst connections have been made with the Arnolfini and the Pervasive Media Studio regarding current practice.


The event draws in an eclectic audience ranging from contemporary arts curators and media executives to students interested in the sonic and fine art practices. The event attempts to facilitate conversation between theses groups providing the opportunity for collaboration and external partnership. The event format also provides the opportunity for in-development and beta projects to receive direct feedback from the audience/users, an invaluable process in project development.

Future plans for Dialogue include building up a larger online community of people interested in the future of music consumption and distribution, creative coding and project collaboration. This discourse could be facilitated in the form of a message forum, blog or a twitter log, and could provide for interesting debate concerning future projects and events. This implementation could provide a central hub for musicians/artists based in and around the Bristol area to promote the sharing of ideas, contacts and information that would support a wider artistic community.

There is also the possibility, due to the large amount of content made available through the event, to create an online distribution label that hosts selected content. This could provide the artist with a strong affiliation to similar work whilst also supporting and promoting the switch brand. All content would be made available freely and would operate under creative commons licensing, allowing the artist to control the way in which their music is copyrighted and made available to the public domain. This free download/streaming service would act as a promotional tool for the Dialogue live events, which would support the label financially.

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